Domestic Solar

Purelec Energy is a leading UK accredited installer of domestic solar panels.

If you are considering doing your bit and going green by installing solar panels, you might be surprised to learn that you can actually earn money from the sun’s energy by fitting solar PV.

If the idea of being paid to help protect the planet appeals to you then, look no further than Purelec Energy – we are fully qualified and accredited installers and cover the whole of the UK.

Solar panels take one day to fit and install, they run in silence, and require little maintenance. Our PV solar systems will generate electricity and income for a lifetime. In fact, the first 20 years come fully guaranteed and backed by the goverment!

As professional electrical contractors, Purelec Energy have built up our own highly experienced team who work domestically and on major renewable energy projects.

No one is better qualified and experienced than Purelec Energy Ltd to fit solar to your home – fact

We are fully accredited and certified with all the professional bodies and regulators involved with maintaining standards in the code of conduct. All work undertaken by Purelec Energy is guaranteed for 10 years and the PV panels are guaranteed for 25 years.


Domestic Solar Installation

Is solar energy right for your home?

Get the facts:

We offer a free property survey which will give you all the full facts and figures you need. There is no pressured selling and if you do not want to proceed then no problem, we will part as friends.


Need finance?

Which is the best way to finance solar panels: Purelec Energy can help you join literally 1000s of other households benefit from fitting solar to your home with one of our range of finance packages. Ask for a quote today.

Once we have been commissioned to install your solar pv system, you can rest assured of a smooth professional job carried out with the minimum amount of fuss, mess or inconvenience.


The solar installation process

At a time of your choice, we will conduct a survey of your home to ascertain the suitability for a solar pv installation. We’ll also be glad to give you advice and recommendations – don’t worry, we’re professionals, not sales people

We will send you a written quotation: including a detailed breakdown of costs, our guarantees and warranties, plus an estimated projection of your savings and income

On agreement of our proposal our professional design team will design your installation to maximise your returns

At a date and time that is convenient to you, our polite and professional installation team will fit your new solar energy system.

On completion, the project manager assigned to your installation will take the time to show you how everything works, answer any of your questions, and advise you on any maintenance that could be required.

The whole process will usually be completed within one day.



Domestic Solar From Purelec Energy