Solar energy outperforms for Yorkshire business!

Yorkshire Dales Meat Company

is a family-run catering butcher, supplying top quality meat products to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets across Yorkshire.

In 2011 Stephen, Company Director, started to explore ways of reducing the high-energy costs associated with running the business.

Research led Stephen towards renewable energy and the Feed In Tariffs. To find out more, Stephen contacted Yorkshire based firm Investment Renewables to explore the various options.

After completing a thorough site evaluation and discussing the businesses energy requirements, Investment Renewables were able to advise Stephen that solar would be the most viable and efficient energy source.

Taking into consideration the site specific criteria, a 50 kWp array comprising of 212 panels was designed and fitted to the roof of the large building.

Stephen said, “ During each stage of the process I was kept well informed, with special attention paid to clearly explaining the methods of fixing into the big six roof. “

From initial discussions to the commissioning of the system, the project took no more than six weeks to complete. Investment Renewables were able to react quickly to Stephens’ requests and completed the installation without any disruption to the daily activities of the business.

After a successful year of generation the system has produced 38,500 kWh, around 15% above the original estimated yield, which Stephen/James is delighted with! The system has contributed 20% towards the businesses annual energy requirements and has produced an effective income of £15,000 in year one.

Investment Renewables are now in final discussions with Stephen about the installation of a further 50 kWp system, which will further reduce the businesses energy costs and deliver a valuable source of income.

Stephen also said, “ We’ve looked at the figures for the new investment and even with the lower Feed In Tariff there is still a great return.


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