Solar panel installation reaches year one anniversary, outperforming predicted energy yields by a country mile!

Today sees the one year anniversary of the Burniston Mill 200kWp ground mounted commercial solar panel installation for Mr. Morgan.

Consisting of 800 x 250 Watt polycrystalline solar panels mounted on a Hilti steel frame, the system sits comfortably in the fields at the mill. Elevated 1.5m above the ground as requested by Mr. Morgan to allow for continued animal grazing, the array has made a very welcome addition to the farm business.

With little visual impact due to it’s sympathetic siting, the solar panel array has worked hard throughout the year generating electricity that can be used directly in the mill! During the months of May, June and July the array has regularly seen daily yields in excess of 1.5MW’s of electricity being generated.

The high average daily yields have also reduced the mills dependence on the grid by almost 60% meaning significant savings to the mill’s electricity bill!

Choosing to install such a large commercial solar panel installation was a big decision for Mr. Morgan. Like many he was a little skeptical until he had done his research and Purelec Energy had provide him with a clear explanation of the great opportunity solar panels could deliver.

The investment was based around Purelec Energy’s initial yield predictions, which showed a conservative yield of 180.8 MWh’s would be generated in year one, with a payback period of just 6.3 years.

One year on and the array has managed to generate a very impressive yield of 221 MWh’s, which exceeds Purelec Energy’s predication by a huge 40.2 MWh’s. This equates to a 22% improvement on our prediction meaning more free electricity and higher payments from the Feed In Tariff scheme.

The high yield of electricity generated by the commercial solar panels in year one is equal to a motorway journey of 781,148 Km, 117 Tonnes of CO2 saved and 64 homes being powered for one year!

The combination of the Feed In Tariff and Export payments have given Mr. Morgan a year one payment of £22,200.00. On top of this the free green electricity has cut the electricity bills by £13,000.00, giving Mr. Morgan an effective income of £35,200.00!

Mr. Morgan is exceptionally happy with his investment, as it has surpassed all expectations!
With higher yields and increased financial returns Mr. Morgan stands to see his money back in just 5 years. The icing on the cake is the investment is guaranteed for twenty years giving Mr. Morgan a further 19 years of the same great savings on his energy bill and a healthy second income!


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