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September 04 2015 0comment

Edd Davey slams George Osborne’s green cuts as ‘bonkers economics’

The economics behind George Osborne’s decision to make cuts to a series of green policies are “bonkers”, former energy and climate change secretary Ed Davey has told the Guardian. In his first interview since losing his seat at the election, Davey said he struggled to comprehend the logic behind cuts to energy efficiency programmes and […]

September 04 2015 0comment

Beat the Governments cuts and install your solar panels now!

The Government’s consultation on the UK Feed In Tariff has begun and their proposal to slash rates by 87% has sent shockwaves throughout the solar industry. The Feed In Tariff for those that don’t know is a Government payout that helps to encourage the uptake of solar panels and other renewable technologies by providing a […]

August 11 2015 0comment

Solar panel installation reaches year one anniversary, outperforming predicted energy yields by a country mile!

Today sees the one year anniversary of the Burniston Mill 200kWp ground mounted commercial solar panel installation for Mr. Morgan. Consisting of 800 x 250 Watt polycrystalline solar panels mounted on a Hilti steel frame, the system sits comfortably in the fields at the mill. Elevated 1.5m above the ground as requested by Mr. Morgan […]

July 22 2015 0comment

Solar energy outperforms for Yorkshire business!

Yorkshire Dales Meat Company is a family-run catering butcher, supplying top quality meat products to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets across Yorkshire. In 2011 Stephen, Company Director, started to explore ways of reducing the high-energy costs associated with running the business. Research led Stephen towards renewable energy and the Feed In Tariffs. To find out more, […]