The Challenges

Like many of us, Mr Reek had seen solar panels being installed to a number of houses locally. After chatting with his wife over a few weeks, they decided that they would investigate the possibilities of fitting solar panels.
They searched for a number of local solar panel installers, one of which was Purelec Energy. After browsing the Purelec Energy website, the Reek’s could see they were a credible company.
Alongside a number of other installers Purelec Energy were asked to visit them at their home in order to carry out a no obligation survey and to provide a quotation.

Upon our first visit to site we were keen to make Mr Reek and his wife aware that we offer a no pressure, no obligation service and like to provide the facts allowing them to make a decision in their own time!
After completing an assessment, John our surveyor was happy that the property was suitable for solar panels and sat down with Mr & Mrs Reek to go over the details of how the process would work.
John’s explanation of the financial returns available from the solar panels were clear and the further green benefits were also highlighted.
From the structural survey and Energy performance assessment to the scaffolding erection and installation timings through to the final registration, it was all explained clearly in a relaxed environment.

Once Mr & Mrs Reek had received their quotations, the benefits to them as a retired couple were clear! They made the decision to proceed with Purelec Energy as their chosen installers.
They decided upon the all black panels as they provide that little bit extra to the finished look of the installation.

Soon after accepting the quotation, Mr and Mrs Reek were going on holiday, which meant Purelec Energy needed to act fast to complete the installation within the Reek’s schedule.
Mr Reek was happy for us to get going, so we reacted as quickly as we could!
The roof assessment and energy performance assessment were both completed within a couple of days followed shortly by the erection of the scaffold and completion of the solar panel installation.

Our professional installation team completed the installation in the day, leaving it tidy and as found.

Once Mr Reek was fully satisfied with the installation and the system’s operation had been explained, the scaffold was removed and the commissioning certificate was signed.
As standard Purelec Energy helped Mr Reek to fill in the paper work, allowing he and his wife to collect the Feed In Tariff payments from their chosen energy supplier.

Project Description

Client:Mr Reek
Surface Area:2Kwp
Year Completed:2015